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The Day After
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One thing I forgot to mention yesterday. Rob walked into a store on the way home hoping to get me a little something and the turtle he ended up getting me fell down on him when he walked into a shelf. The ONLY tur-tel in the store fell on him. Aw yeah, tur-tel knew that Carrie and I passed.

Last night people came over for D&D. Berek and Pita came over with Berek's Dad. They brought me some flowers and a stuffed frogay. Berek's Dad took off after giving me congrats and calling me "counselor". He's allowed to do that now. He's a judge and as soon as I'm sworn in (less than two weeks) I'll be an attorney. Wow. It really hasn't sunken in yet. Al came over shortly thereafter. At first, Carrie and Bryce weren't going to come, but they decided to stop by and we had a very pleasant surprise when they decided to play and bring along Julia. Carrie brought me a little fishay. A tur-tel, frogay, AND a fishay all in one night. Woot! We did a lot of out of character stuff, but that's to be expected the night that two of us pass the bar! We did get some good game time in though. People (except for Al) left soon after game was over. Al stayed pretty late despite the fact that I told him I needed to get to bed because I had to get up early and do a lot of driving today. That didn't seem to phase him so he stayed late and I got almost no sleep last night.

Rob and I got up early this morning and after showering, we headed out to Montclair. We got to the area a bit early so we decided to grab lunch before heading to the hair salon (Gebhart). We found a Long John Silver's. Yum. While I am allergic to shellfish, I can eat regular fish and chicken just fine. I haven't been to a Long John Silver's since grade school. I didn't realize how good it was until today. I wish there was one near us. Yum.

After lunch we headed to the salon. I got my roots touched up (still dark blonde, but I'm seriously considering goind red) and my hair cut. Not a major cut - just about an inch off because my ends were getting pretty bad. Rob also got a hair cut. Our appointment went quicker than usual and so we decided to hit a movie on the way home. We stopped at a nearby theatre to see what was playing and were able to make a showing of The Cat In The Hat. Rob didn't like it too much. I, however, did. I thought it was very funny and an all around fun movie. Berek was right when he warned me that it was kind of sick and twisted as compared to the book, but I liked that about it. After the movie we headed back home.

Rob and I had orignially considered going over to Bryce and Julia's place tonight to hang out with them and Carrie, but by the time we were driving home we were both pretty beat. So, we picked up some KFC on the way home and decided to spend the night in. We've just been chilling around the house tonight and playing a long ass game of Monopoly.



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