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What If There Was A Fire And Everyone Came?
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Stomach Achey

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Rob and I were going to go to bed after my last post. Obviously that didn't happen, and this time it's not because of insomnia. It's because of a fire.

About 20 minutes or so after my last posting we heard a fire truck go by. Nothing new since there is a fire station a few blocks away, but the fire truck pulled into the apartment complex across the street from our apartment. And so did another. And another. And some ambulances. And a hell of a lot more fire trucks and ambulances. And, oh yeah, a hazardous materials truck. More and more kept coming. I think we had a good portion of LA fire fighters across the street.

Rob went outside to see if he could find out what was going on. What with all of LA's fire fighters and some HazMat trucks out there, we wanted to make sure that we didn't need to be readying the cats for an evac. It took a very long time (over an hour), but he finally found out that there was a fire across the way. The apartment complex across the way is very large and has many different buildings. One of the apartments in it went up in flames and the apartment that was burning was not only in a center building, but it was a center apartment in that center building. Part of the reason so many fire fighters showed up was becasue they didn't know how badly it was spreading. The other reason is because there was a plethora of calls to 9-1-1 about the fire. There were a lot of people outside with Rob watching and some even had hand held cameras.

One of the scary things about watching all of this go down was the fact that I used to live in that apartment complex. Back during my senior year at USC and for about a year after undergraduate school my roommate at the time (Kat) and I lived in one of the middle buildings in there. And when I made my last move I was contemplating between the building I'm in now and the complex across the street. The one I'm in now is a bit more expensive, but it ended up winning out because it had 24/7 security guards and laundry in the apartment. Glad I chose this place.

So, needless to say our plans for sleep were interrupted. And now I'm worked up from the whole fiasco and don't know when the hell I'll fall asleep. So, I have a feeling I might have a bit of a battle with insomnia tonight. At least I can sleep in tomorrow. I should probably at least try to get some sleep tonight.


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