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Normal Day
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So, yesterday Rob and I slept in. A lot. We were both exhausted and needed the sleep. By the time we got up we decided it would probably be better to spend the night in. So, we played some games, watched some TV, and ordered in from Jerry's. It was a nice, lazy, and relaxing day around the house.

Today my Dad called and I got to tell him that I passed the bar. He was floored. He didn't think I would pass the first time around. It was kind of neat to surprise him in that way. Other than talking to my Dad on the phone, things have been pretty much the norm around here. Today I'm spending the day in and getting laundry done. While I'm on line I'm also going to look some job stuff up. Though, that will be done later on in the week as well becasue this computer can't handle much of the web so I'll be doing a lot of job hunting in the business center of my apartment complex. Hopefully, due to the fact that I passed the bar, January should be filled with interviews. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm trying to push my Dad to get me interviews in Chicago and not in LA. I'd be fine staying in California if I could get something up by the central coast, but I really would prefer to leave Los Angeles.

The whole passing the bar thing really hasn't quite sunk in yet. It probably will either when I get the letter in the mail or when I'm sworn in. Speaking of which, my Mom totally rocks! When I told her that I passed the bar and that I would be getting sworn in on the 5th of December she made plans to have my uncle take care of my Nana for a few days and got plane tickets out here. Which means she'll be out here for the swearing in. That is so unbelievably cool! You rock Mom.

As a side note, a private entry will follow this one. I figure I'll mention this on here from now on since sometimes I go months without a private entry. As stated before, if you don't have access and would like access just ask me.


Wow, this is rather fitting.


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