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Girls Day Out
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Carrie came over this morning. We had planned on returning our Bar Bri books, but we found out that the office where they needed to be returned was very close to where Bryce works. And since Carrie is picking Bryce up from work tonight I called the Bar Bri office to see if she could drop mine off. They said that as long as I gave her a signed letter she could do so. So, because we didn't need to make the Bar Bri run we decided to hit a local mall.

We headed over to the Media City Center in Burbank. We grabbed lunch at the McDonald's in the food court and talked for awhile. Then we hit the mall. We looked around in a bunch of stores, but Carrie was the only one who bought anything. She got some work clothes (and a few neat regular tops) at Express and a new belly button ring with butterflys on it. It's very cute. After the mall we headed back to my place and I gave her the Bar Bri books. She just recently headed off to return the books and grab Bryce from work.

And now my e-mail is acting up. For some reason it won't send messages. I can receive them, but when I try to send them it just sits there. I can send test e-mails to myself, but none to Rob. This is too bizarre. I need a working computer. Why would it be able to recive messages and send test ones to me, but get stuck when I try to send something to Rob? I hate technology. *grumble*



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