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More Time At The Mall
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Ugh, I Have Cramps

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So, yesterday after Carrie headed out I logged on, posted, and did some stuff on line. Carrie gave me a call to let me know that the books had been dropped off at the Bar Bri office (thanks Carrie!) and I waited around while playing on line for Rob to get home.

When Rob got home we decided to head out for a little while. Our destination? Another mall. This time we headed to the one nearby in Sherman Oaks (having been at the Burbank one earlier in the day I didnt' feel like doing the same thing).

Once there, we decided to try and get some Xmas shopping done as well as getting some stuff for us. I was able to find some neat stuff for my Mom, but I can't post the specifics here because she reads my journal (hi Mom). I picked up a much needed pair of jeans for myself, but they'll need to be cut because they're sadly WAY too long. The style is great and comfy, but a little too long because they didn't have that style in a petite.

After some shopping we grabbed dinner at the food court and then had some coffee. Once dinner was over with we looked around in a few more stores. I ended up picking up a pretty hot pink wristlet for the times when a purse is just too big (when I only need some cards and some cash). We also made a stop in the bookstore and found a new D&D book that made me squeal. The Draconomicon. An entire book on how to play a dragon. Right on! That's one I'll be reading cover to cover eventually and also one that will keep Rob sane in the D&D game he's running since I'm playing a dragon. I also picked up a magazine (Cosmo UK).

When we were finished with the mall we headed back home. It was kind of late when we got home so we just chilled out a bit and then went to bed.

Today I'm doing some job hunting and trying not to be debilitated by my cramps. I might have to crawl into bed in a bit. I'm really not feeling all that well right now.

A private posting will follow this entry.



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