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IHOP Condiment Collection
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Rob and I would have gotten up at a normal time today, however when I woke up I had one hell of a migraine. So, I popped some migraine pills, stuck a migraine ice on my head, and went back to sleep. When I woke up my migraine had turned into a low grade headache, however it was 4:30pm. So much for Saturday.

Rob and I decided to give Berek a call and see what he and Pita were up to tonight. They were cool hanging out with us and so we made plans for late at night once Berek got off of work.

Berek and Pita came by around 10pm and we decided to head out to Hollywood. We first stopped at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset. I ended up getting three CDs. I got a CD by The Cruxshadows, a CD by Sarah McLachlan (the new one), and a CD by Liz Phair (the new one). Rob picked up a Garfield version of Monopoly. We're still looking for the D&D version (and maybe the Pokemon one as well). After the Virgin store we went to Hustler Hollywood. We mostly just looked around the store, but didn't buy anything except for a few drinks in their cafe. They had pumpkin pie syrup so I tried that as an Italian Soda. It was rather good. The egg nog syrup one was nasty though. Berek bought some weird tea thing called "Dave" that looked like a large urine sample. Ew.

After Hustler we hit the IHOP on Sunset for foodage. Dinner was almost uneventful. Our waitress must have been pretty tired or something because every single time she came to the table she brought a bottle of ketchup, a bottle of A-1, and a bottle of tabasco sauce. By the time we left we had quite a collection of condiment bottles going on and it wasn't until she brought the check that she even noticed our pile of random bottles. Weird. Dinner was decent and when we were done we headed back into the valley. Berek and Pita dropped us off and headed back home to sleep. Rob's got a killer headache right now and I'm not tired at all because I slept in so late. Oh well, maybe I'll futz around on the net for awhile.


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