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Little Purple iMac's Last Entry
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Mourning for my little purple imac.

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Yesterday Rob and I decided to head out to the AMC 6 in Burbank and see The Haunted Mansion. It was really rather good. I have a feeling the film is better if you're familiar with the ride (which I am), but either way it was a good movie. If you like the ride or want to see a not too scary haunted house movie, then I would highly recommend it. This is probably one I'll buy when it comes out on DVD.

We saw a 6:15 showing of the film so we didn't get back in too late last night. Once we got home we ordered in some Chinese food, played some games, and watched Adult Swim when it came on.

Not much is going on around here today. I'm doing laundry and trying to respond to all old e-mails. Later on I'll be forwarding all my saved messages to myself because Rob and I are planning on switching computers tonight. This iMac is pretty much dead, and while I do love it, it's become pretty much worthless. So, we're going to hook up his old Gateway and see if it still works. The only problem is that it's been in storage for the past two years so we're not sure how functional it will be. If it doesn't work then we'll hook this one back up until we can get a new one. My Dad offered to get us a new computer if we needed it for Xmas. I hope we don't need it because I would prefer cash for our savings, but if we do need it at least we now have the means to get one.

Hopefully, if all goes well with Rob's Gateway PC tonight, this will be the last posting I make on this iMac. *sniffle* Even though it's retarded and has a fried hard drive I will miss it. I love Macs and PCs are evil. If we end up needing to get a new computer it just might be a Mac.


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