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Two Dead Computers
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Last night Rob and I took down my old iMac. It's been having some serious and unfixable hard drive problems for the past two years or so and it's pretty much dead now. So, we decided to set his Gateway computer up. That didn't fare well at all. Two years of not doing anything other than chilling in Rob's closet did not bode well for his PC. The thing barely ran and the moniter started screaching. So, we now have two dead computers. Any advice on what to do with dead computers? We don't just want to stick them in a dumpster or something for fear of us having important information on them. But now they're just taking up space in the closet.

For the time being we set my old Dell laptop up. I've had it for a little over three years now and while it works, it also has some issues. I don't know why, but my mere presence around anything electrical ends up destroying it or seriously fucking it up. I am not good around anything electrical. I think my electro magnetic field is seriously messed up. Maybe it's from ingesting mercury as a kid (yes, I'm serious). Who knows. I have a better working laptop (the Vaio I used for school), but it only has internet access through a wireless ethernet card. And our house only has internet access through a regular phone line. So, I have to use the Dell because it's able to hook into a phone line. While it was nice having my Vaio be able to get the wireless internet at school, it can't do anything around the house when it comes to the net.

Hopefully, we should be getting a new computer sometime soon. I put in a call to my Dad last night because he offered to buy us a new computer. I wanted to know what price range he was thinking of. But he hasn't called me back and probably won't for a few days. He's like that when it comes to making phone calls. And since I only have his work phone number, I can only leave messages for him at work and can never get a hold of him at home. I don't even have his home address. All he'll give me is his work phone number and his work address. That's kind of sad considering he's my Dad. Anyway, he offered to get us a new computer for Xmas if we needed one (and we do) so I want to know what I can spend on one because we need to get one rather soon. Especially since I use the computer a lot in my job searching. I'm thinking maybe a G series Mac or possibly a Vaio laptop. I'm very partial to Macs though.

So, that's what is going on with our computers. Yesterday was indeed the last entry ever to be made by my little purple iMac *sniffle*. I liked that computer. If we get a new computer I think we need to paint it purple.

Today I'm getting ready for my Mom to come into town. Rob and I had considered going out and seeing a movie tonight, but I don't think there will be time. I need to put our sheets and towels into the laundry and also need to launder the sheets and towels my Mom will be using when she's out here. We also need to clean the apartment up a bit and clean the bathroom she'll be using while she's here. Our place is kind of messy right now and while we don't have the time to make it sparkle, we can at least try to make it presentable. She's coming into town tomorrow for a few days. This is kind of a last minute trip and she only bought her tickets recently. She wanted to come to my swearing in at Pepperdine on Friday. She is such a sweetie. So, at this point, it looks like I'll have some cool guests there. My Mom is flying out for it, Rob is thinking of faking sick at work to come to it, Berek and his Dad are coming, and Carrie is going to come along as well if she's not getting sworn in herself at the time. Her status there will depend on when she gets her MPRE results back.

So, that's about all that's new with me. I'll try to post regularly while my Mom's out here, but I can't guarantee that I'll have the time.


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