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Today rocked. We didn't do anything special, but it rocked nonetheless. I swear, some of the best days of my life are when I spend time with my husband and my Mom. I know it sounds silly, but they're the two people who are the closest to me and they're both wonderful and fun to be around. So, just being able to be around the both of them today rocked.

My Mom's flight arrived at LAX around 11am and she made good time getting here. She took a limo to my apartment and got here around noon. That has to be record time, especially since the limo picked her up at about 11:40 or so.

When she got here we chilled out around the house for a bit, watched Passions, and then headed to the grocery store. We got some foodage for around the house, took it back to the apartment, and then watched TV and waited for my sweetie to get home from work. Once Rob got home we headed out to dinner.

The three of us headed over to the Universal Citywalk and ate at Shanghai and Mein. I LOVE that place. Best Chinese food ever. We also walked around Citywalk, looked in some stores, and bought some stuff. Rob and I got some magnets (mostly Happy Bunny and Goodbye Kitty) for the fridge (which is covered in magnets, we kind of collect ones we think are cool) and a new mouse pad (also Goodbye Kitty) because our old "Good Sam" one was scary, old, and starting to get spiney. Not good on the wrist when it scratches you all up. After looking around at the stores we stopped at Starbucks and then headed back home.

See? Nothing spectacular, but still it was a wonderful day for me because of who I got to spend it with. I'm in a happy mood and am going to log off soon and chill with my hubby and my Mom.


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