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Shopping and Meat
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Full O' Meat

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Today was fun. Mom and I got up around 10am and right when I got out of bed my Dad called. He gave me an approximate price range for the computer (and anything else I might need with it like software or a printer) and told me to just go ahead and get it if it was under that price. If it was over that price he told me to call him first and we would discuss things. After getting off the phone with my Dad I jumped in the shower and got ready.

Once my Mom and I were ready we headed out to do some shopping. We first went up Ventura Blvd and hit Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Rob and I desperately needed some new pillows so we got three new foam pillows there. Mom didn't have to buy them, but she did because she's like that (a total sweetie). After Bed, Bath, and Beyond we headed up the 101 to Northridge and went to the Northridge mall. We went around the whole mall and by the end of the day both of our backs were hurting.

We first went to Torrid (Gods, I love that store). I got a few shirts that my Mom and Grandma will be giving me for Xmas. Mom couldn't just get them because I needed to try them on. We ended up getting three t-shirts, one long sleeve shirt, and a short sleeve night shirt.

After Torrid we wanted food. We went to a sit down deli that's hidden back in the food court. It was nice to do a sit down lunch. After lunch we stopped in a bit more stores and did some more looking around. Most notably, we looked around in the Mac store (but didn't get anything . . . yet) and stopped in Lane Bryant where I got a pair of pants. Even after this we did some more looking around and walking, but nothing really worth getting into on here.

After the mall we headed back to the apartment. Mom and I chilled out around the house and watched TV and waited for Rob to get home from work. When he got home from work I gave him a present that I had picked up for him at a book store in the mall - the 3.5 version of the D&D Monster Manual. I think he liked it. Once he got home we all got ready and headed out to dinner.

For dinner we went to a place called Picanha Churrascaria in Burbank. It's pretty much Brazilian dim sum. They go around table to table and give you meat. Beef, steak, chicken, pork, lamb, etc. Meat galore. That place is amazing, but you get really full really fast. It's a bit on the pricey side, but it's also all you can eat. So if you know someone who can pack away the meat then this is the place for them. We left all full and did some quick errands before heading home. I needed to pick up some allergy pills and vitamins at Save-On. While there I also picked up a Burt's Bees pedicure kit (pumice stone, foot lotion, and little socks with bees on them) for my Mom as a thank you for everything she has done for us in these past few days. After the drug store we made an ATM stop and then filled my car up with gas.

Now we're at home watching TV and stuff. We had the VCR set to record Survivor, but unfortunately it decided to just shut down. I came on here to look on the web and see who was voted off tonight. We really need a new VCR. This one has pretty much given up on the whole recording thing. Grr.

Okie, time to go log off and hang out with my Mom and my sweetie.


This quiz is so frickin' cool. And I think it's pretty accurate to boot. I never thought I would be like a coyote, but the positive and negative character traits really seem to work for me.

Ahren the Coyote Spirit
Which Dyre Spirit Are You Most Like?

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