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I'm A Lawyer!
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This morning my Mom, Rob, and I all slept in. Rob ditched work today (called in sick, unfortunately so did most of his department) so that he could come with me to my swearing in ceremony. We took our time getting ready and Carrie came over a little after 2pm to get ready with us. She hasn't gotten her MPRE results back yet so she couldn't get sworn in, but she came along to support me. She rocks.

We headed out around 3pm and got to Pepperdine in plenty of time. Berek and his Dad met up with us there. We talked and then things started up. I first went into the law school cafeteria to get my card signed. I got the paperwork done and everything signed for both state and federal court. We then had more chill out time and filed into the auditorium in the law school. I sat in a different section than my guests (there was a section in the front for those being sworn in). Dean (formerly Professor) Nelson spoke for a little bit and then we were sworn into state court and then federal court. I did all I could to hold back the tears. When the judge told us that we were all attorneys now it was all I could do to not start crying. That's when it all hit me. It really didn't full on hit me until tonight and I wanted to make sure I didn't start freaking out. After the ceremony we stayed for a bit and were social, but didn't eat much since we were headed to dinner soon thereafter. We did however drink a lot of yummy pink punch (cranberry juice, sprite, and raspberry sherbet). Sooooo yummy.

We decided to head out soon thereafter (around 7pm) and went with Berek and his Dad to their car. We said out goodbyes and Berek gave us a few presents (which once again he DID NOT HAVE TO DO). He got us the Pokemon (gold and silver verion) Monopoly and some little foam balls for Amber (she loves them and shreds them quickly). Berek and his Dad then took off and Carrie, my Mom, Rob, and I walked back to my car. While there Carrie and I started howling because there was a full moon. A bunch of other people in the area started howling as well and Rob made a comment about there being "a pack of wild lawyers".

Once we got to the car we headed back to my area and had dinner at La Fondue. Carrie had never had fondue before and I think she dug it. Unfortunately, during the dinner I bit my tongue something fierce and it hurts like hell and looks rather nasty right now. After dinner we came home and chilled out for a bit. Carrie took off around midnight and now my Mom, Rob, and I are just watching TV and stuff. Today was a very good day.

As a side note, Kenny (founder of Journalscape - link to the left titled "Geekly Obsessions") posted a cool link on his journal. It's to a website where you can donate soup to a local food pantry. Just click on your favorite football team and some soup will be donated in that area. I clicked on the Bears (yay Chicago). It really doesn't take that long so please go there and click on your favorite team.
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