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Minor Update
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This is just a minor update on what's going on with me. Not much is new so I don't have much to post about. Last night Rob and I stayed around the house and played around on the computer and watched some TV. Tonight was more of the same. Now that we have a working computer we can view cool sites like Joe Cartoon. So, we're fiddling around with all of the things we were missing when we were using my old retarded purple iMac.

Rob returned the bracelet he got me for Xmas today. Like I said in a previous posting, it was gorgeous (18kt white and yellow gold infinity link bracelet), but it was just too small. It closed, but when it was on it was too tight. So, it has been returned. I tried looking for other bracelets I wanted, but we're realizing that not many are out there that are the size I would want it. However, there was something else I was interested in getting. A pair of Ugg boots. However, they're next to impossible to find at the moment. So, we've been spending some time lurking on ebay and today Rob bid on a pair for me (for those of you who have any knowledge of Ugg boots the style is Sundance Short and the color is Sand). We were pretty sure that we would be outbid on them, but we weren't. So, hopefully I should have them before we head out to Galena. Rob's getting most of his presents before we head out there (lugging the big stuff back and forth is a waste of space) and so I can get the boots before we leave. However, we are going to have a few smaller items to give to each other out in Galena on Xmas. Honestly, he didn't need to get me much of anything. The one thing I wanted for Xmas this year I have. I just wanted to be able to go out to see my Mom for a bit with Rob. And we're doing that. So, I'm happy no matter what. Well, I'm happy as long as we get out there without any major delays.

So, that's about all that's new around here. We've been shut ins for the past few nights and so there's not much interesting to post about. Tomorrow we'll probably catch a film or something.

Oh, and as a side note, if you haven't taken that friends quiz I made up (see previous entry) yet, please do. It's only 10 questions long and doesn't take much time at all. So, please take it, okay? Thanks.


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