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Got A VCR In The Back Of My Car
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That thing on my neck hurts like hell.

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I have a skin tag (a type of a mole that kind of sticks out a lot) on my neck. I've had it there for awhile and it's never bothered me until recently. I wore a short necklace for the swear in ceremony last week and that irritated it a little bit. Then, yesterday in the shower the body pouf snagged it. That hurt like hell. Now my neck is in a lot of pain. It throbs when I stay still and hurts like hell when I move my neck (because it moves and then YEOWCH). I tried putting a band aid on it, but that just hurt it more. Even the water beating on it in the shower today hurt. I wish I knew what I could do about it. *grumbles*

Today Rob and I slept in (we stayed up rather late last night playing around on the new computer). We pondered what to do for awhile, and then decided that we should probably get a new VCR. Tomorrow night the finale of Survivor is on and we don't want to be tied down and have to be home to watch it. Our current VCR is dead. It won't do anything (including spit out a tape that's in there) anymore. So, we decided to get a new VCR. We have some gift cards to Best Buy from our wedding and so we took those and headed to the Best Buy in Burbank (where we were a week earlier buying our new Vaio). We ended up getting a Sony VCR (for around $100) and a cordless phone for the bedroom (for around $25). We still have a little bit left over on the gift cards.

After Best Buy we headed to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. That place is so tasty. We had a good dinner and then headed to the drug store on our way home. We picked up some necessities and some things for our up-coming trip and then headed home. Rob's currently trying to hook up the new VCR (and from what he says it's super easy) and I thought I would post something while he plays with the new shiny electronic gadget (it's gotta be a man thing). So, that's what happened today. Yay, new VCR!


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