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Sunday Night With Friends
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Yesterday Rob and I slept in for a bit and in the evening we went out with Berek and Pita. The two of them came over around 7ish and we all headed out to the Game Zone in Pasadena. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of interest there and the gamers packed into the store smelled pretty badly, so we headed out soon after we got there.

After the stinky game store we headed to Coco's for dinner. We took our time with the food and talked over dinner. We had a pretty good time and when we left we headed over to the Target in Burbank. We spent a good long time there looking over stuff. I ended up getting some drug store items that I needed and Rob got a few things as well. Rob also picked up an adorable little talking sheep for me. He rocks. I debated over getting a cute PJ set, but decided against it. Now I'm considering going back and getting it one of these days before Rob and I leave. Wandering around Target was fun (the one in Burbank is huge) and once we were done there we headed over to the nearby Krispy Kreme donut shop. Berek and Pita got a whole bunch of donuts, and Rob and I waited in the car while they ran in. I can't eat that sort of thing and I didn't want the temptation of being around the donuts. After getting their donuts Berek and Pita dropped Rob and I off at home and headed out.

Not much is happening around here today. It's Monday which means I'm doing massive amounts of laundry. Other than that there's not really much of anything that I've been doing today. I need more of a life. I read about my friends doing the coolest things (like those gondola rides) and I only wish I could do something like that. Oh well.


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