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Store Run
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Last night Rob and I needed to make another run to the Target in Burbank. There was a lot of around the house stuff that we needed (cat litter, fabric softener, toilet paper, etc.) and the grocery store was out of it all. Damn this strike. On the way to Target we made a stop off at the pet store to pick up some more canned and dry food for the kitties.

At Target we got a decent amount of shopping done. We ended up being able to get all the around the house stuff that we needed and a few other things to boot. We picked up a few gifts (something for my Mom that she desperately needs and something for the gift trading at Rob's office) and a flat penguin ornament to hang on our front door. We were able to get in and out in a reasonable amount of time even though the place was super crowded. Almost all of the checkout lines were open so it didn't take too long at all to check out.

After Target we stopped off at a nearby Wendy's for dinner. After dinner we came home and watched some TV and messed around on the computer for a little while. We're now officially addicted to an on-line game called NeoPets. *sigh* It's frustrating as hell, but addictive and kind of fun. I can't believe that I'm actually doing an online game. Oh well, at least it's not EverQuest!


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