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Silver Toes
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Wishing It Were Saturday.

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Yesterday Rob and I needed to get a bit more holiday shopping out of the way (and I was once again in desperate need of a pedicure) so we headed to the Media City Center mall in Burbank. We first hit Macy's looking for a purse for my Grandma (Nana), but we couldn't find what she wanted. That will have to be something we pick up when we're out at my Mom's place. We then went to a discount luggage store and got a large suitcase (my old large one got ripped up something fierce when I got it back from the airline the last time I flew) and a carry on tote. Once we got our luggage, we made a stop at a kiosk and got my Nana a pair of slippers that you can heat up (she gets cold a lot). It's fine to post that on here, she never reads this thing anyway. My Mom does though so I won't be posting anything about what Rob and I are getting her on here.

After shopping Rob and I went to the nail salon. We both got pedicures and I got my toes painted silver. I wanted to go with green for the holidays, but they didn't have any decent greens there (just a light one and an armyish one), so I went with silver. Unfortunately, part of the pedicure hurt this time. About two months ago I managed to seriously fuck up my left big toe (to the point where it's black under the nail) and when they were working in that area it hurt like hell. I kept trying to explain to the girl that: 1. No, I did not have an ingrown there. 2. It hurt because of the black spot under the nail. 3. That doesn't mean all my nails will hurt when worked on. However, she didn't speak much English and I don't think she understood a word I said. Oh well.

After getting our pedicures we headed to the Johnny Rockets in the mall for dinner. After dinner we headed home. Once we got home we played around on the computer until late at night. Rob and I are seriously addicted to that Neopets game and we stayed up very late playing it. Far later than we should have (especially since he had work today). Hopefully, tonight we'll be able to pry ourselves away from the game and get some sleep. Tonight we also have to get some last minute shopping done before our trip.


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