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Yay! I'm In Illinois!
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Happy happy joy joy! I am *finally* back out in Illinois at my Mom's place. I have a feeling that this vacation won't be long enough for me.

Friday night was utter hell. Rob and I miscalculated the amount of laundry we had to do and the time it would take to pack. So, we didn't even climb into bed until around 3:30am. I didn't get to sleep until around 5am. We had to wake up at 6am and the limo picked us up at 8am.

The ride to the airport was very quick. We got to LAX around 8:30am. I'm glad we were on a dinky airline that not many people know about (Midwest). The lines for checking in to the other airlines were wrapped around the outside of the airport. We were the second in line at the check in window. However, the check in window was not yet open! The check in window for our airline didn't open until 9am! How weird is that? Once it did open up things went pretty quickly. Check in and the luggage scanning went without incident. Security screening was a different matter. Things were fine with me and my carry on bags, but not so with Rob. He beeped the metal detector and had to be taken over to a different area to be scanned. His shoes beeped when scanned so he had to take them off. His belt then beeped so he had to take it off. His PANTS then beeped so he had to unbutton them and pull them down a bit to prove that it was his pants button that was beeping. I nearly lost it laughing as I watched him strip from a distance. When we finally made it through security he commented that when he usually gets that nekkid he at least gets dinner out of it. We then grabbed some breakfast at Burger King and waited for out flight at the gate.

Our plane was late in boarding. There was a mechanical problem with our plane so we didn't board until about an hour after we were supposed to. Our plane ended up taking off about an hour and a half late. However, we made up some decent time with the tail wind and got into the Milwaukee airport about 45 minutes late. The flight was mostly uneventful. Mostly. Except for a weird piece of fruit that came with Rob's lunch. Some weirds spiny, bristly thing. Rob wanted to put it in his pants and call it "pants fruit". Can you tell that we were going on little to no sleep?

Mom met us at the Milwaukee airport and Nana was waiting in the car (she can't walk too well anymore, but that's probably normal for someone who is 92). The drive back to my Mom's house took about three hours. She lives on the very western side of Illinois (where Illinois meets Iowa and Wisconsin). The airport was on the very eastern side of Wisconsin, so it's quite a drive from the airport to her place. On the way home we grabbed dinner at a yummy fast food place called Culver's.

When we got to my Mom's house we stayed up late watching TV and then finally passed out around 3am. At one point in the night, Rob was moving his pillow and kind of lost control of his flailing hand. I got punched in the mouth. My lips and gums got cut up pretty badly and I was bleeding pretty badly for a bit. My front teeth are also really tender and sensitive right now and their lower halves are changing colors to a VERY white. Not good. I hope they're okay in the long run. After having an ice pack on my mouth for a while we went back to sleep.

Today we both slept in a bit (we needed the sleep). Once we got up we showered and got ready and then my Mom, Nana, Rob, and I headed out to Dubuque. Those are the closest major chain stores. We first went to Toys R Us and looked around a bit. Rob picked me up a magazine on Neopets and a little angel kitty. Then we went to a place called ShopKo and looked around. I picked up my highlighting makeup that I forgot to bring along with me and got my Grandma some of the trashy magazines (types like the Enquirer) that she reads. We then went to Best Buy where Rob got my Mom some computer games for Xmas. Finally we headed over to WalMart where we picked my Mom up some rather odd gag gifts. When we were done with the shopping we grabbed dinner at Long John Silver's. I love that food! I wish we had one near our place in LA.

After dinner we came back to my Mom's place and now we're chilling around the house. I'm messing around on my Mom's laptop while my Mom, Nana, and Rob watch the Game Show Network.



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