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Please Not Now
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Going to kill Pita for getting me sick.

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Grr. I'm getting sick. Very sick in a very bad way. I really don't want this right now. Not during the one time of the year when I'm out of LA and back in Illinois and happy. My sickness is probably the worst thing it could possibly be. I'm coughing a lot and there's some serious pressure in my lungs. I've tried my asthma inhaler and it does nothing. If this gets any worse I'm going to have to go into the hospital. I do not want to end up in the hospital right now. Gah! This is the worst possible time for this. I think I might have gotten it from Pita. She was pretty sick when we hung out about a week ago. And while it was nice hanging out with her and Berek, something told me that I shouldn't. Especially with my immune system so bad right now and my asthma not doing too well either. I just hope that this isn't the flu that's been going around and killing people with asthma and bad immune systems. This sucks. The only sick person I've been around at all was Pita. So, I probably got it from her. Pita, if you're reading this - how bad does it get? Especially the cough and any lung problems.

This morning Rob and I slept in again. When we got up we showered and headed out to the doctor's office. I needed to get a flu shot and I wanted the doctor to look at my funky fish tattoo. He said he didn't think it was a granuloma. He thinks it's a low grade infection. Normally he would give antibiotics for it, but because there are only two antibiotics that I'm not allergic to he didn't want to. He said without antibiotics it should take a fairly long time to go away. If it's still there down the road he recommended I do a follow up visit with one of my doctors in California. See? I KNEW that dermatoligist was wrong. Freakin' Good Sam morons.

After the doctor's office Rob and I decided to do some walking around in the "downtown" area of Galena (which is one street - Main Street - with a lot of little quaint shops on it). We did some walking around, but it was getting late so a lot of the stores were closed. We're planning on doing more walking around there another day.

We met up with my Mom and Grandma at a local bar and then the four of us headed to a place called Happy Joes for dinner. We got a yummy Chicago style pizza. Not as good as the real thing in downtown Chicago, but closer than any of the crap they try to pass off in LA as Chicago style pizza.

After dinner we came home and Rob and I wrapped a bunch of presents for my Mom and Grandma (Nana). Now we're watching some TV and I'm doing more computer stuff. I feel like total ass. I really hope this passes soon. I do not want another visit to the ER!



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