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Dying Now
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I am so unbelievably sick right now. I feel miserable. My lungs have crap in them, I can barely breathe, my throat hurts, and my nose is all stuffed up.

Last night my sickies got worse and worse and I felt horrible by the time we went to bed. My temp was pretty high and I couldn't stop shaking. When we went to bed I had a sheet, a down comfortor, a quilt, and a fleece throw over me and was *still* shivering.

This morning when I woke up there was even more crap in my lungs and I could barely breathe. My Mom immediately called the doctor that I had seen yesterday for my flu shot. He sent a prescription over to a local pharmacy for some antibiotics. Rob and I showered and got ready and then my Mom, Nana, Rob, and myself headed into town to stop at the pharmacy. They got my antibiotics and I took the first dose in the car. After that we headed over to the mall in Dubuque. My Mom and Rob ran in to pick some things up and my Nana and I waited in the car. Then Rob and I tried to go in, but we had to leave about ten minutes after we went in. I started getting really dizzy and nauseous. I sat down for a while and then when I could walk again we headed out of there.

We stopped for dinner on the way home (a Chinese place in Galena) and then headed back to my Mom's house. I'm just relaxing right now and hoping that I get better soon so that my entire vacation isn't ruined by this.

And as for what it is - apparently it's a cold that turned into a bronchial infection.


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