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Sick On Xmas
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Still Sick

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Ugh. I still feel like ass. And today I'm coughing up blood with my weird phlegm balls. Not a good sign. My face has also seen better days. I have burst blood vessels all over my face (especially around my eyes) which make my face look all blotchy and disgusting. The burst blood vessels are from my coughing and vomiting. I hope they go away, if they stay this way permanently I have a serious problem because I look like a side show freak right now.

Rob and I slept in until 1:30pm today, which was fine because my Mom also slept in. She's starting to get sick as well, but we're not sure if it's what I have because some of her symptoms are different. Hopefully she'll fight it off better than I will because she had a flu shot a while ago and she doesn't have lung problems or a weakened immune system like I do.

When we got up we headed downstairs and the four of us (my Mom, Nana, Rob, and I) opened Xmas presents. There were a lot of presents and I loved them all. Too many to list on here and I'm not well enough to stay on too much longer. But I'll just say I'm very happy with everything I got and that everyone did too much for me.

After opening presents Rob and I showered and got ready. My Grandma wanted to stay at home and munch on leftovers from last night and watch TV, so my Mom, Rob, and I went to dinner without her. We went to an inn that's very close by and ate at the bar there. It was one of the few things open. I managed to hold down part of a piece of chesse pizza. Rob tried an elk burger. We came right back after and are now up in the TV room. Mom's not feeling too well and I hope she feels better soon. I wouldn't wish how I'm feeling on anyone. I'm a bit worried about coughing up blood, but I guess I'll have to see if it gets better or worse over the next few days.


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