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The Day After Xmas
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No new developments on my sickies. It's not getting much worse (thank the gods), but it's not getting any better quite yet either.

Today Rob and I actually managed to get up at a reasonable hour. After we got ready we (my Mom, Nana, Rob, and I) headed out to lunch at Culver's (a really good fast food joint). I had a bit to eat (more than I've been eating over the past few days), but still couldn't eat that much. After lunch we headed to the mall in Dubuque. Rob wanted to make sure that the pants my Mom got for him were the right size. When he tried them on they looked a bit big. So, we headed to the mall and he and my Mom ran into the men's section of Yonker's while my Nana and I waited in the car. Apparently the size down was too small and the current size is a little big. So, he's going to stick with the ones that are a bit too big and have me wash them and dry them on hot to try and shrink them down a bit. Jeans shouldn't be too hard to shrink just a little bit.

After the mall the four of us headed over to the casino that's on a boat on the Iowa side of the Mississippi river. We didn't stay too long at the gambling boat. Both Rob and I lost our money pretty quickly. We each had $50 to play with. I had mine eaten extremely quickly by the slots. He managed to keep his a wee bit longer while playing poker, but in the end he lost pretty quickly as well. It was just as well though because smoking is allowed in the casino boat. And with my asthma AND my current bronchial infection, I couldn't stay in the smoky casino for too long. When we were out of money Rob and I headed out and waited for my Mom and Nana in the lobby. When they were done we headed back to Galena for dinner.

We ate dinner at a place called Benjamin's. It's just a bar / burger joint type of place. I wasn't feeling too well, so I didn't have much. After dinner we headed home.

Rob and I had wanted to spend some time walking around Galena again today, but after breathing in the smoke at the gambling boat, I just didn't feel up to it. Plus my sickies for some reason get a bit worse at night. So, we might do that tomorrow if we have the time. We'll see. I just hope that I get better soon. This lung infection is really starting to mess with me. I don't know if the antibiotics are helping too much or not, the crap coming out of my lungs is still yellow which means I still have the bronchial infection. I only have one more day of the antibiotic pills to go. I really hope they start kicking in soon. This is making me so miserable.


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