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Airport Nightmare
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Really f*cking sick.

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Yesterday Rob and I got up very early. We packed up our things, showered, and then headed out of my Mom's house. We had a long drive to the Milwaukee airport ahead of us. I don't remember most of the drive because I slept through it. I wasn't feeling well and ended up falling asleep soon after we left my Mom's house. Two and a half hours later I was being woken up at Culver's for lunch. We ate and then headed over to my other Grandma's (I call her Ma) place for a little while.

Mom dropped Rob and I off at Ma's and she and Nana headed over to my Uncle's for awhile. Rob and I went up to Ma's apartment and spent sometime with her, my Aunt Mitzi, my Uncle Jack, and my Dad. We hung out and talked and it was nice to see all of them again. I was surprised that I actually got to see my Dad on this trip out. That's a rarity. Around 3pm we headed out and my Mom picked us up and took us to the Milwaukee airport.

Our flight out was at 7:00pm (or, at least, that's when it was supposed to be). We got to the airport a little before 4pm in part because of the security alert and in part because we wanted to be able to get seats next to each other. Check in was a breeze. There was about a 20 minute wait in line, but that wasn't too bad. We checked in, got our seats together, had our luggage scanned, and then looked around in a few shops. Security was also easy as there was no line at all. We got the the gate and waited to board our plane. And waited. And waited. The flight coming in from Las Vegas (which was going to be our plane to LA) was late coming in because of a mechanical problem that needed to be fixed before they could take off. There was a problem with the speakers and the audio system in the plane. Sound familiar? It should, that was the same damn problem we had when we were leaving LA. Our plane didn't end up leaving until 9:30pm. Two and a half hours after it was supposed to. Normally I wouldn't care so much, however I'm not supposed to be out of bed much with my bronchial infection and Rob had work bright and early this morning. We didn't end up getting into LAX until around 11:30pm.

Getting the luggage took forever. There were five different flights huddled around one baggage claim carousel. It was packed person to person and I started feeling woozy and nearly passed out. Rob had me sit down away from the crowd while he got our luggage. Once the luggage was gotten he called the limo company to tell them that we were in. Let me preface this part by saying that when we were stuck in Milwaukee we called the limo service to let them know that our flight was taking off late and told them around when we would be in. They told us there would be no problem because they kept tabs on all the incoming flights of their clients. However, when we called them they told us that they released the car because they assumed our flight was cancelled. We were then stranded at LAX. We ended up taking a cab home, but it took awhile standing in line to get one. We didn't get home until nearly 2am. We played with the cats for awhile and then passed out figuring that anything around the house that needed to be taken care of could wait until today.

This morning Rob headed to work and I stayed in bed. I felt like complete shit. My bronchial infection had migrated into my lungs and I'm now getting pnemonia. Yesterday could not have helped at all with my sickies. *sigh* I can barely breathe and feel horrible. I ended up sleeping in until 4pm today because my body was wrecked. At 4 I jumped in the shower and now I'm waiting for Rob to get home so that I can make an ATM run and so that we can make a grocery store run. I think when our chores and unpacking are done with that I might go back to bed. I'm really dizzy and can barely walk and I keep coughing up crap. Ew.

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