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Putting Around The House
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Wishing I was still in Galena.

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Last night Rob and I did some quick errands (ATM run and grocery store trip) and then when we got back home we lazed around the house. I felt like crap so we just watched TV and messed around on the computer a bit. By bed time I was exhausted even though I got up at 4pm yesterday and passed out once my head hit the pillow.

Today I slept in again. I had wanted to get up early because I have a ton and a half of laundry to get done, but I just didn't feel up to it. And even when I did finally get up (at 2pm) I was still tired. This sickness has really taken its toll on me. I feel like crap and am tired all the time. I slept a lot the past two nights and can barely stay awake right now. I hate this.

Today I'm staying around the house. Doing laundry and not much else because I feel like crap. The good news is that the stuff that I'm coughing up is no longer a funky color (which means the infection is almost gone). The bad news is that there's now a build up of fluid in my lungs which means that I now have to deal with pnemonia. I guess staying around the house is the best for me right now. The last thing I need is a hospital visit. I just need to get over all of this rather fast because next week I start my job hunt back up.


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