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Last Posting Of 2003
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Still sick, but emotionally content.

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Here it is. The last posting of 2003. Rob had work today and I slept in because I feel like crap. He did manage to weasel his way out of work a bit early though (around 3:30pm).

Our original plan was to go to Disneyland with Berek and Pita today, but plans fell apart due to Rob having to be at work and my being sick as all hell. So, we decided that we would go out for dinner and then relax around the house. And that's just what we're doing!

When Rob got home we got ready and headed out to La Fondue for dinner. We had a 6pm reservation. We had a nice leisurly dinner and even though I'm sick, the food tasted really good. I think I was in desperate need of some protein and iron. After dinner we headed back to the apartment. Rob's currently out making a Starbucks run before they close at 9pm. When he gets home we're just going to chill out around the house. Watch TV, mess around on line, maybe play some games, open a bottle of wine from Solvang. Nothing spectacular. With my being sick I kind of prefer just doing something around the house with my sweetie. And I know it will be a wonderful night since I get to spend time with the man of my dreams.


Might as well let the year end with a rather morbid quiz.

Torture Victim(murder). A victim who dies
by torture is often an innocent bystanderd, who
has done nothing but breathed the air about
them, however, were probably related to the one
the torturer was angry with.

How this effects you:

Toture victims are 1 out of every 300 people,
and are often related to one who has been
inprison, dealt in some kind of
conspiracy/scandal, or perhaps just a not nice
person. there is really nothing to be done
that canprevent this. I apologize.

How Will You Die? (Caution: Graphic Photos)
brought to you by Quizilla

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