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Ear Infection
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Um... infected?

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So I have another ear infection. *sigh* I used to get them all the time (at least twice a year). And then for the past several years they stopped. I got one last year and have another one now. Unfortunately I don't have a doctor out here and our health insurance is kind of sketchy with COBRA. Luckily, I had one refill of the ear antibiotic solution left just in case another one should crop up.

My ear went from itching to hurting. I was having some hearing problems out of it (still am) and it started to stink. It's never gotten stinky before. So, last Tuesday I started on the antibiotics. It's a ten day run, but I'll see how I am on Tuesday or so. If it's better then I'll finish the run and that will be that. If not, I'll see if I can get in with the doctor I've been to before out at my Mom's place.

Rob's arm is still all sorts of messed up and still has no reflexes in it. So, he spoke with my Uncle Kim and got the name and number of a good orthopedic surgeon that Kim used when he had shoulder problems. We need to find out what this is and get it fixed once and for all. We're hoping it will just take time and physical therapy. We're really hoping no surgery is involved.

Also on the doctor front I got the name and number of a local pediatrician. We'd like to make a consultation appointment with her as soon as possible so that Gabriel has a doctor set up out here. He'll need his one year check up in about a month. Holy shit that's scary.

Our original plans for today were to make a Babies R Us run and also stop by a game store over in Waukesha for the new D&D source book. However, I woke up with a migraine and am just now getting over it. So we're staying in today and hoping we can get out of the house (a lot of snow is on the way tonight and tomorrow) tomorrow to at least make the Babies R Us run.

Have I mentioned how much I love it out here? Yes, even with the snow.


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