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FINALLY Rob Transferred His License!
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We went back over to the DMV today. Rob brought along a printed out statement that he got at the bank yesterday that showed account activity. Because it was a print out, it also wasn't accepted. Luckily he also brought along the statement for our joint savings account. There was only one deposit other than the initial amount when we opened it, but after telling the DMV employee that this was his THIRD time trying to transfer over his licence they accepted that, took his California one, and gave him a little slip of paper. They told him he should have his license in 5 days. Yeah, right. It took me around 2 weeks to get mine. In that time he has no ID. So, we're looking at the week after Gabriel's b-day to head out to NY. Might be better plane fare and hotel price wise and we'll know he'll have his ID then. Wouldn't that be a disaster? If he had no ID then? Good lord, it's probably best to make sure he'll have one so we know we can get out there.

After the DMV we headed over to the mall in Brookfield for a few things. I needed some more face moisturizer from the Clinique counter at Boston Store and I also got some slippers with a leather sole. My rubber soled ones were making everything I touch zap me around here. My Mom suggested I try ones that don't have a rubber sole and Rob agreed because they wouldn't ground me. We'll see if I get less zaps, being zapped by everything I touch is starting to get rather annoying.

We also made a stop in Bath and Body Works to get Gabriel a rubber duck (he played with one at my Mom's house that he loved and I couldn't think off the top of my head where the hell else to find one) and I looked in Lane Bryant, but didn't see anything I liked. One of these days we need to head back to the Lane Bryant at the other bigger mall so I can get some suits. We grabbed some iced coffee drinks and each got a dragon mug and then got some tacos for lunch and an Orange Julius before heading back home.

Oh, and the coat Gabriel is now wearing has a hoodie on it with ears and a mane and makes him look like a horse. I need to get some pics of it because it is too cute for words.


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