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Still No License For Rob
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My plea to the universe: Okay, this is getting a bit insane. In December my best friend had his Grandmother pass away. A few days ago, my husband had his Grandmother pass away. And now I find out that another super close friend of mine had her Grandfather pass away. Enough's enough. No more, okay?


Monday morning Rob headed out and flew out to New York for his Grandmother's wake, funeral, and burial. I wish I could have been there. Not being there for him, for my in-laws, and for Grandma Pernice bothers the hell out of me and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

My Mom headed out here to help me with the baby while Rob was in New York. I still have some major issues from my surgery (which I don't want to get into on here right now) that limit certain things I can do, so the help was greatly appreciated. She got here around 2pm and she watched Gabriel so I could shower and get ready for the day. We wanted to head out to look at some baby furnature (Gabriel's still in the port-a-crib and needs some real furnature for his room), but things didn't work out so well. My Mom had a hard time getting Gabriel into the car seat to go out and we were only able to look at one place (which didn't have anything we were looking for) because Gabriel started having an absolute fit at being taken out of and put back into the car seat. So we skipped out on looking at baby furnature and decided it's something Rob and I can do in the near furure. Instead, we drove by the Pewaukee lake area and then headed to Suburpia to bring home subs for dinner.

On Tuesday my Mom and I headed over to the Lexus dealer in Brookfield. She's looking to replace her 2001 BMW X5 and the BMW dealer she was working with kept screwing her over. So, she checked out the RX350 and the 400h. She liked the RX350 better than the hybrid and decided to go with that one. Apparently the 2008 models are out now so she'll be getting a 2008 black (as usual) RX350 when it comes in stock. It should be a few weeks on that.

At some point, I really need to look into a new car as well. But it doesn't look like that will be happening any time soon.

Rob got home from New York around 8pm and we ordered in pizza from Marty's and just chilled out around the house for the evening while I got some laundry done.

This morning my Mom left the house early (around 8:30am) to pick my Grandma up from my Uncle's house and head home. Rob and I had some errands to get done so we got ready and headed out.

Our first stop was at the DMV. Rob now has a bank statement older than 30 days and so he went there to get his Wisconsin licence (I posted previously about the issues he had the last time he tried to get the license). We're now back at home and still no license. His bank statement was indeed 30 days old, but all it showed for account activity was his initial deposit. Apparently now that's not good enough. I needs to be a statement that's 30 days old showing a bunch of account activity. Their reasoning for this is that someone could drop $20 into an account and use it for fraud purposes. What? First off that makes no sense. Second he didn't deposit $20. He deposited 10k! Maybe someday he'll be able to get his Wisconsin license. He made mention that when he finally has everything they need he'll bring it in and shove it up someone's ass. I don't blame him.

Our next stop was at the Brookfield Lexus so that I could pick up a part I needed for my car. I ordered it yesterday when my Mom test drove and did the paperwork for her new car. It came in this morning. Nice.

After that we headed to our bank. I needed to make a deposit and Rob spoke with their financial guy about rolling over his 401k from Good Sam to something to do with Chase. I have no idea about anything that was going on with that and spent most of that time trying to keep Gabriel calm.

Our last stop was at the grocery store and then we headed back home. Right now I'm getting caught up on here and when I'm off it will be dinner time.


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