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A Birthday & A Death In The Family
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I have a lot to catch up on here. I didn't go online at all at my Mom's place and I'm sneaking a moment on here while Gabriel watches Sesame Street.

Thursday we headed out to my Mom's place. The drive was nice and relaxing and we made it out there in a little less than three hours. We stayed in that night and Mom cooked dinner and we just chilled out around the house.

Friday was my Mom's birthday. We stayed in during the day and gave her the presents we bought for her. Two cool black shirts and a bag full of body stuff in her favorite scent (we were able to find it at the second mall we went to). We went out to dinner at House of China in Dubuque (we told her we were cool with going anywhere she wanted for dinner and that's what she chose). Dinner was great and we even got Gabriel to eat a few pieces of noodles and not throw them up. Other experiments in food haven't fared too well and he tends to throw up anything that's not formula, baby food mush, or puffs. Friday was a very good day for all of us and I think it's safe to say that my Mom had a very good birthday.

As good as Friday was, Saturday was bad. Really, really bad. I woke up to Rob's cell phone ringing. When he answered it I know something was wrong in a few seconds. Grandma Pernice (his maternal Grandmother and only remaining Grandparent) had passed away. She had been found that morning on her kitchen floor. After a whole lot of misinformation we finally found out that the coroner dated her death as Thursday night. Her tenants noticed that she didn't put her garbage out as usual and went to check on her Saturday morning. This is really rough for the both of us. Grandma Pernice was amazing and those of you who were at our wedding probably met her. While she was Rob's Grandma, I considered her one of mine. The absolute shock of this coming out of the blue weighed very heavily on us. So did the realization that she wasn't able to meet Gabriel. Her meeting Gabriel was extremely important to us and we're even heading out to New York sometime in February. We had planned on having them meet then. The fact that this was sudden and that it was only weeks away from her being able to meet Gabriel crushed the both of us. Saturday was spent going between phone calls to find out what happened and what the funeral arrangements were, making flight plans for Rob, and bouts of sobbing on both my part and Rob's. It was a rough day.

Now I know that I need to get in touch with my Grandma Eleanor later this week and find the time to drive to see her (she's in Illinois now) as soon as possible.

Rob and I talked over everything about the funeral. There was a viewing (closed casket) yesterday (Sunday), one today, and the funeral is on Tuesday. I really wanted to be there. It kills me not to go, but with Gabriel it would be insane. Besides, I don't think a funeral is a good place to bring an eleven month old. Both out of respect for the mourners and psychologically for Gabriel. I'd give anything to be there, but I need to be at home with Gabriel.

Sunday we spent the day packing up and driving home from my Mom's place. We made a stop at a place called Blackhawk Meats that's about halfway between her place and ours because their sign that says they have bacon wrapped filet mignons intregued us. We ended up getting two ten ounce filets (they were only $6.99 a piece!) and bringing them home with us for dinner. It took us a little over three hours to get home, but that's because we made a bathroom stop and a stop at the butchers. When we got home we had a ton of things to do and we cooked up the steaks and they were amazing!

This morning Rob got up early and headed out to the airport. He had a 10-something am flight out to New York. He's probably in the air right now. I'm taking care of Gabriel and my Mom is coming out to give me a hand. She spoke with my Aunt Pam and Uncle Kim and they're willing to watch my Grandma while she's here (there's no way my Grandma could get up the stairs into this apartment). She'll be arriving this afternoon and leaving early Wednesday morning. I'm glad she's willing to come out and help. It will also be nice to have someone else around while Rob is out of town. I miss him already and I wish I was with him and able to go to Grandma Pernice's funeral.

I think Gabriel will be happy that my Mom will be out here for a few days. He's taken to calling her Nana and ever since we got home yesterday has been screaming for "Nana" and "My Nana". Interesting. Nana is what I called my maternal Grandma when I was a kid. I called my paternal one Ma. I just call them both Grandma now.


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