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Suit Shopping
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Today we headed over to the Boston Store to exchange the slippers I bought yesterday for a different size. Apparently marking something as a size "8-9" doesn't mean it will actually fit a size 9 even though the next size is marked as a "9 1/2 - 10 1/2". *sigh*.

From there it was on to suit shopping. Words cannot possibly describe just how much I hate shopping for suits. For someone of my size, it's a near impossible nightmare.

First we went to Lane Bryant. This is suit season for them and they had a ton in, unfortunately only one worked out. All the others either had jackets that were too small over my boobs, cropped jackets that look like shit on a "plus size" person, or weird ass funky styles that are not law firm appropriate. I ended up finding one that's workable and I can at least wear it to an interview.

From there we went to Avenue. They had only a handful of suits in and for most of them the pants didn't match the jackets. For the two that looked as if they would work, they had the jackets in my size but not the pants. So nothing at all worked there.

We then checked Catherine's which was only slightly better. On the bright side, I was able to find two shirts to wear under suits which was amazing because usually they're all too small around my boobs. I was also able to pick up one other suit and found a super cool pinstripe one, but they didn't have it in my size. They called another store which is holding one for me and I'll try that one on (please let it work) on Monday.

I absolutely hate suit shopping. I'm going to need a good amount of them and after checking all of the "plus size" stores around only found two (maybe three if the other one works out on Monday). How the hell do "plus size" women get suits for work????? I am so frustrated right now.


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