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New Salon
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Today we headed into Milwaukee for hair appointments. I needed my color touched up and a trim and Rob needed a hair cut. I had my first "I miss LA" moment on my way to the salon. I miss the weather (it was -2 during the day) and I miss my old salon. I also miss Margie, Dennis, and Sylvia. On the bright side, this new salon rocks.

When I knew we'd be moving to Milwaukee I asked Dennis if he could give me a recommendation for someone out here. He told me to call a guy named John. John works a bit far away, but he recommended Julie at the New Urban salon in downtown Milwaukee. So, I made an appointment there figuring I'd check it out and see if I wanted to go back. I can definitely say I'll be going back.

I spoke with Julie about some of my hair problems and she was super knowledgable. I thought I needed a big trim because my ends were all wispy, but apparently they're not damaged. They're lacking in protein because of the bleaching so I have a new shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner to use to put the protein back in and once they've been used up I can go back to my usual hair care products. She said this should put the protein back in and take care of the wispy ends and the general frizziness and poufiness of my hair. I hope it works. That would be sweet. I also mentioned that I love being a red head, but that red will never stick to my hair and washes out in about a week. She thinks she could get red to stay. I might try it down the road. If a nice copper red could stay and not fade out to blonde that might be my hair color for a very long time. We'll see though. That will be down the road.

Anyway, I gave her the formula that Gebhart was using on me and had my hair touched up (bleach up roots, wash out, condition, dry hair, put on the overlay, wash that out, dry it, and then a trim). In the end it looked excellent. There was even a difference from the one protein treatment that was done when I was in there. I'll be interested to see how those new products work and if they do make a difference.

All in all I was very happy both with this new salon and with my new hair colorist and I'll definitely be going back there. Heading into downtown Milwaukee is a bit of a pain in the ass, but it's worth it. Hey, look at the drive I used to do from Studio City to Montclair for Gebhart. A good colorist is worth a drive.

I'll also say on a personal level that Julie is very cool. We have a decent amount in common and just seemed to get along very well. I was a bit nervous about having to change salons and I do miss Gebhart (hell, I went there for 9 years), but I feel I'm in very good hands with Julie.


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While you are caring deep down, you don't always show it.
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