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Baby Poop Issues
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Feeling bad for Gabriel.

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Today we were going to try and get more suit shopping done (oh the horror) and check out getting some furniture for Gabriel's room, but it didn't happen. We're staying in today.

This morning Gabriel had a super solid poop. So solid that he needed it pulled out of him and it even cut him. He's had a few of those and he screams in pain during them and then just clings to me when it's over with. I feel so sorry for the little dude. We don't have a pediatrician yet (we have a consult appointment on Thursday) out here so we called Dr. Nakashima and he recommended some prune juice (about 2-3 ounces). He said it's normal at this stage now that he's eating people food. Yesterday we were able to get him to eat some chicken, some biscuit, and some graham crackers without throwing up and he seemed to like all of it, but his poop was bad. Later today Rob's going to run to the store to get some prune juice and some prune baby food.

So, because the little guy is in pain and having poopy problems, we decided to cancel our plans to go out today and stay in. Everything we were going to do today we can just as easily wait one day on and do tomorrow. Besides, it's -20 out and supposed to get down to -45 tonight. So maybe staying in isn't such a bad thing after all. I like the cold, but this is ridiculous. -45??? It's fucking cold out here.

Oh, and we're now confirmed for our trip out to see Rob's family. We'll be heading out there the last weekend in February. Woot!


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