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Store Runs In The Snow
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We were able to get out of the house to get a few things done today even though it's snowing and super cold out. We bundled Gabriel up and when he realized he couldn't get into any trouble with mittens on he promptly fell asleep and stayed asleep for our entire time out.

We first headed to Catherine's for me to try on the suit they they were holding for me. I also found another nice one and they both worked. I'll need to get them tailored (the arms and legs are too long), but once that's done they should be cool. I also found two more shirts to wear under my new suits. I'm going to hold off on checking the local Lane Bryant for more suits until later on and I also need to find some suit shoes at some point as well. That's probably also not going to be easy since I'm a wide width. Meh.

After Catherine's we headed to Babies R Us for the necessities (formula, diapers, and socks) and looked around at some baby furniture. We'll be going back probably tomorrow (and looking at one more store as well) to get Gabriel a nice crib and dresser set. I also need to get a front facing car seat for when he turns one. Good lord, he's almost one. Where did the past year go? He really is growing up too fast.

Rob got his license in the mail today. That was fast. A lot faster than mine came. His picture is great and I wish I had that person take my picture the day I got my license. Mine is a super close up (so close up my hair doesn't fit in the picture) and I look like a 500 pound albino. His is nice and they didn't do a super close up. Meh. I so wanted a good driver's license pic. *cries* However, he ended up with a probationary license because he doesn't have three years of licensed experience. The evil part of me finds it somewhat amusing that a 31 year old married man with a child has a probationary license like a teenage kid does. He called to find out what it means and it pretty much means he gets double points for any violations. So one accident or one speeding ticket has the possibility of getting his license taken away from him. Not good. This probationary license lasts until April 2009 and if he hasn't had any violations then he can get a "real" one.


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