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Baby Says "Shush"
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The baby furniture shopping has been postponed until probably tomorrow. I'm sick and feel like hammered shit. I started getting a sore throat last night and it's gotten worse from there. My throat hurts and is swollen (and so are my glands), there's a nasty phlegm build up going on which makes it hard to breathe and talk (and I'm losing my voice), and my nose is all stuffy and draining down my throat. Pleasant. I can also feel stuff starting to build up in my lungs. I hate being sick.

Not only did I not have the energy to head out baby furniture shopping, but I thought it would be a bad idea to head someplace with babies while I'm sick. I'll wait until I'm on the mend (or at least know I'm not contagious) before heading to a baby store.

I spent most of the day in bed. While I was awake and my mind wasn't sleepy, my body was wrecked. I feel like I've been hit by a train. My whole body hurts and I have no energy at all. I recently got showered for the day and thought I'd hop on here for a bit. At some point I need to head out to a drug store to get some meds and try to get better. Ugh. I hate being sick.

In other news Gabriel has learned to shush people. He was watching "Between the Lions" today (one of his favorite shows... Sesame Street and Elmo's World being his absolute favorites) and a segment that he loves (Cliff Hanger) came on. Rob tried to sing along and Gabriel shot him a dirty look and said "sssshhhh". Rob just got shushed by an eleven month old. Hehehe. So yeah, our little dude now knows how to tell someone to be quiet.


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