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Sick Mommy and Sick Baby
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I'm still sick and I'm still stuck around the house. The crap had migrated into my lungs and now I have a cold and pnemonia. *sigh* This sucks. I have to get out tomorrow, at the very least, to pick up a new car seat for Gabriel. Hopefully we can get his furniture done as well, but if not there's time for that down the road.

I think Gabriel is starting to get sick as well. He has the sniffles, a runny nose, and is coughing. Rob put in a call to our new pediatrician this morning and they said that there isn't any cold medicine out there that's safe for children under 2. Great. I feel so sorry for Rob. He's still healthy (thank god) and is taking care of a sick wife and now also a sick baby.

We had a huge snow dump last night and it's still snowing heavily out now. We were practically snowed in this morning, but the plows came and made things semi-drivable. Gabriel and I are chilling out here and Rob made a run out to the store for baby food and kleenix. I thought he should wait until tomorrow when the roads are safer, but he said we're pretty much out of baby food.

Ugh. Gabriel and I need to get better. This sick thing blows.


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