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Valentine's Day Post
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This sucks. I'm sick and Gabriel's sick. While the cold aspect seems to be getting a wee bit better (now I can actually breathe out of one nostril instead of having them both clogged up), the crap in my lungs isn't. I'm coughing all the time and it's a nasty wet cough. I also have no voice. When I try to speak it comes out quiet and broken up. So, I'm pretty much down to a whisper when it comes to trying to talk. Gabriel's not faring much better. His nose is all stuffed up and we've had to use the suction bulb several times on him. He's also coughing a lot. I'm still dizzy and kind of out of it and just could not bring myself to go out today. So, Rob headed out (Gabriel and I are staying at home) to see if he can find some of the Tylenol Cough and Cold medicine that Kat recommended. He's also going to pick up dinner somewhere (probably Taco Bell) while he's out.

Valentine's Day is being spent around the house because Gabriel and I are too sick to go anywhere. Tomorrow we don't have a choice though and we need to head out to get Gabriel a new car seat. Also tomorrow Rob has a call back interview from the place he had his interview with on Monday. So, we'll be car seat shopping when he gets home from that. Looks like the baby furniture run is put off until next week.

Rob and I used to have a tradition of going to Disneyland every Valentine's Day. We weren't able to do it last year due to how pregnant I was. This year I'm sick and Gabriel's sick and we're hanging out here and having Taco Bell for dinner. But that's cool because I still get to spend time with Rob and Gabriel and that makes me happy. Rob and I exchanged Valentine's Day presents this afternoon (they both arrived by UPS at the same time). I got him a pajama gram set of warm flannel pajamas with some warm shearling slippers. He got me some chocolates and a Vermont Teddy Bear. It's the "All American Bear" and is red, white, and blue. I love it. All the American Bears are different because of the patchwork of colors. But if you want an idea of what mine looks like then click here.

I hate being sick and I hate seeing Gabriel sick. We both need to get better soon. I don't want any of us sick when we head to New York!


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