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Day Three: Holy Crap, We Made It Back
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Day Three: Sunday

We got up this morning at 8:30am and got ready. Rob tried to call the airline again, but it was always busy. We figured we'd head to the airport and pray that we actually got home today. We checked out of the hotel and met the parents in the lobby of the hotel and then they drove us to the airport.

At the airport we had hugs and headed in to check in. The flight before us was cancelled, but it looked as if our flight was on time. So, we got our boarding passes, checked out the food court (nothing of interest), went through security (where the people were actually nice and gave us a hand since we had a baby with us), and headed to our gate. We munched on pretzel dogs (mmmm, Nathans) for lunch and lo and behold our flight really did take off on time!

The flight was all right for the most part. I slept through most of it. Things got hectic towards the end when a man passed out in the back of the plane. Luckily there was both a nurse and a doctor on the plane. When we landed they had us wait on board so that the medics could come on and take him off of the plane. We then headed off and I waited with the baby and the carry ons while Rob got our luggage.

When Rob came back with our luggage he mentioned we were very lucky. Most of the Midwest flights today were cancelled. We were the only flight to make it from New York to Milwaukee and right when he was getting our luggage the airport was starting to divert flights that were in mid air. We're super lucky that we made it back to Milwaukee today!

The drive home was a bit nuts, the weather out here is BAD, but we made it home safely and were even able to stop by a local KFC to bring some chicken home for dinner. There are snow piles outside of our house taller than I am and apparently there's more on the way. It's nice to be back and we're lucky to not be stranded in New York or some other random city.

Oh, and Gabriel said something new today. When we got back Sydney hopped up near him and he looked at him and said "Hi Kitty". I love that kid.


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