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Baby Furniture Shopping
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Today we had more errands to get done. Rob found out that he didn't get the latest job he interviewed for and so we needed to overnight our COBRA check so that we still have insurance next month. So, our first errand stop was the post office. From there we went to the bank so that Rob could deposit a check and then we went to Walgreen's so that I could pick up a birthday card for my Dad. Then, finally (yes Mom, I know it's about time) we went shopping for baby furniture.

The first (and as it turns out only) place we headed to was USA Baby. We looked around and things didn't look promising at first. We thought we were going to need to look elsewhere and then we saw the coolest crib set. We checked it out and decided to go for it. It's a super cool antiquey looking set. There's a crib (that can also convert into a twin bed down the road... we also bought the twin bed rails for that), a tall dresser, and a short dresser with a changing table on top of it (which is good because Gabriel is quickly outgrowing his current changing table). I love the set. It's super cool looking and because it can convert into a twin bed it will last him a good long time. We also picked up a mattress, a changing table pad, a bed set (sheet, comfortor, bumper pad, etc. in a turtle pattern), a mattress pad, and some extra sheets. The furniture itself will be delivered to us. The delivery company should be calling us tomorrow about that. The rest of the stuff was able to fit into my car and come home with us today.

A very special thanks goes out to my Mom. She's the reason that Gabriel is getting a real bedroom set. Right now he's got a cheap ass changing table, a port-a-crib, and some plastic drawers for his clothes. Without her (she's the one getting all of this for him) he wouldn't have this nice bedroom set. So thanks Mom. From all of us.

After the baby furniture shopping we grabbed some dinner at Taco Bell to bring home with us and then chilled out around the house watching American Idol (I really like that Sundance guy) and gaming.


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