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Just A Day
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Today's just a regular day with not much happening. We slept in, played "fort" with Gabriel, cuddled in bed with him when he took a nap, and just chilled out around the house. We're not going out today and we're probably going to order dinner in. Maybe watch American Idol, definitely watch the start of America's Next Top Model (watching Idol will depend if they're opposite each other), and maybe game a bit. And, of course, play more poker. That is so addictive and now Rob, my Mom, and I are all addicted to it!

Speaking of which, Rob went into a free for all tournament last night and won! That means he's entered into another tournament. Down the road, if he wins two more he'd be entered into a Poker After Dark tournament on TV. How cool is that? Yeah, he just won the first round, but still, I think it's super cool that he's now in round 2! Hoooray for my hubby!

In baby news, Gabriel is now speaking in sentences. I spoke my first sentence at twelve months and it looks like he's keeping up with Mommy. So far we've heard the following sentences from him:
Hi Key-tee. (Hi Kitty.)
Hi Mama.
Hi Dada.
I wa ma Mama. (I want my Mama.)
I wa ma baba. (I want my bottle.)
I'm so proud of my smart little boy. *proud Mama grin*


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