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Curry M&Ms
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*blink* Wha...?

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Rob is a bit on the weird side. Tonight, we ordered in Chinese for dinner. I ordered curry beef and when I was done there was a bowl full of curry sauce left. So, Rob decided to see what would happen if he put an M&M in the curry sauce. He let it sit for awhile, the shell got all funky, and then... he ate it. And liked it. And kept putting M&Ms into the curry and eating them. He even threw in a handful and scooped them up and ate them. He claims it's really good, that it's spicy and the chocolate inside the M&M gets all melty so when you bite it it goes from spicy to sweet. He kept trying to get me to eat one. No way I was doing that.

I have a weird husband who has created (and eats, and likes) curry M&Ms.


You Are Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
You are kind, popular, and generous.
You tend to be successful at anything you try.
A social butterfly, you are great at entertaining a crowd.

You are most compatible with strawberry ice cream.

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