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My Poor Baby Boy
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My poor baby boy. I swear, if it's not one thing happening around here, it's another. He's just gotten over his cold... and now he's sick again! Last night he developed a rash which started out on his chest and then spread all over his entire body (including his face). He has a slight fever, the rash, is super fussy, and is sleeping more than usual. Apparently he has a textbook case of roseola. He doesn't seem to be uncomfortable or itchy which is good, but it pains me to see him covered head to toe in a rash. Right now, we're using Tylenol to help with the fever and any discomfort he may be having.

Earlier this afternoon Rob had his round 2 poker tournament. Unfortunately he was out in about half an hour. Soon after the delivery guys came and dropped off Gabriel's new furniture and set it all up for us. It looks great. We moved his stuff into the new dresser and got everything set up. His old changing table we're going to try to take over to my Mom's place (if that doesn't work we'll give it to her to put in her car the next time she's out here). Not sure what we'll do with his port-a-crib yet. The plastic drawers are probably going in the loft or the garage for extra storage. Gabriel now has a real furniture set! I am so happy.

Early this evening we finally got out. It's beautiful outside. Crisp and cold, snow on the ground, and blue skies. Gorgeous. We did our grocery store run and I waited in the car with Gabriel. Not only do we not want to expose any other babies to this roseola, but we don't want to risk Gabriel getting anything else. We have a feeling he probably ended up catching this on the airplane because there were a lot of coughing kids on there. After the grocery store we grabbed some dinner at Arby's and brought it home.


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