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Oh My God Is This Thing Long
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Something to do between poker hands.

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The Basics

Name: Jennifer

Age: 32

Birthdate: October 26

Family: Mom (Lea), Dad (Barry), two Grandmothers (Eleanor and Modesta), Husband (Rob), Son (Gabriel), Mother-in-law (Linda), Father-in-law (Charles), two Sisters-in-law (Donna and Ellen), one Brother in law (John).

Pets: Sydney, an eleven year old male red Abyssinian cat.

# of Nicknames: Two. The main one is Jen. Rob sometimes calls me Fishie.

Sign: Scorpio.

Right now

What are you listening to?: Baby Mozart.

Who is around you?: Rob and Gabriel

What is on your mind (specifically)?: Gabriel's rash is freaking me out. It doesn't seem to be bothering him, but it's painful for me to see my baby like this.

What do you see?: The computer, a glass of cherry limeade, some pens, some tissues, the computer desk, the wireless router, a stapeler, some papers, a small purple stuffed starfish, a plastic organizer, a blue book, a printer, unpacked boxes, a moving blanket, D&D minis, a small couch, some baby toys, the cable modem, law books, a box of floppy discs, and a calculator.

What are you doing (OTHER than this)?: Playing poker on Full Tilt Poker. You can thank Rob for my addiction.

What are your short term plans?: Get Gabriel to go to bed, play poker with my hubby, and go to sleep.

What are you long term plans?: Get all settled in to our new home in Wisconsin, finish unpacking, take the July bar, find a job as an attorney out here.

How long have you been awake?: Around 12 hours.

What are you wearing?: Grey tank top, grey pants with flowers on them, cream ballet slippers, panties, and glasses.

What are you eating?: Nothing.

Drinking?: Light cherry limeade.


How many friends do you have?: Enough to make me happy and content. I don't feel I'm lacking and I don't feel overwhelmed. But I sure as hell am not going to sit here and count.

Are the majority male or female?: It's pretty even

How many do you consider 'best' friends?: I'm super close to 5. I'd consider three of those to be true "best friends".

Who (if any) do you trust implicitly?: I don't want to put names up here because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But I'd say I trust about 4 implicitly.

Who are you closest to?: My husband.

Do you lie to friends?: On occasion, yes. Sometimes it's so that feelings don't get hurt and other times it's something I'm not proud of. But then again I don't know anyone who can say that they have never lied to a friend.

Of your friends, who is/are:
-Funniest: Berek, Pita, Carrie, and Lisa.
-Sweetest: Al and Berek.
-Cutest: All of them.
-Most Honest: Al.
-Most Kind: Berek.
-Most Trustworthy: Mindy.
-Best Listener: Carrie.
-Most Open-Minded: Lisa.
-Most Secretive: Flor.
-The one(s) you'd like to know more: Netter.
-The one(s) you think you know TOO well: Berek and Pita (remember that weird night in the car...) and Kat (I've known her since I was 13!)
-Smartest: They're all super smart in different ways.
-Quirkiest: Al.

The Sexes

Do you think size matters to guys?: It would sure seem that way.

To girls?: Depends on the girl. I'll admit, it matters a bit to me. I prefer a larger one... but technique is more important.

What kind of smell do you like to wear?: Depends on my mood. Right now I'm using Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar Fig.

Why?: Because I used up all of my Escada perfume and I like the scent.

What kind do you like on the opposite sex?: Drakkar Noir.

Why?: That smell gets me hot.

What physical traits do you notice in the opposite sex?: Eyes, face, body type, chest, and arms.

What personality traits do you look for?: A sense of humor, intelligence, patience, generosity, someone with similar interests, a gamer, and someone just a little bit crazy and fun to be around.

What do you notice in the opposite sex first?: Their eyes and face.

What don't you like to see in the opposite sex?: Someone who is cocky and thinks they're god's gift to women.

What do you think the opposite sex notices/likes about your looks?: My ginormous boobs and my blonde hair.

Personality?: My sense of humor and intelligence.

What don't they like?: My weight.

Are men and women equal?: Absolutely.

Who should take the initiative? Men or Women?: Whoever wants to in the situation.

Do guys like girls to ask them out?: I'd think so.

Do girls like guys to ask them out?: Yes.

Why?: Because for a guy it would take the pressure off of him if a girl asked him out. For a girl it's nice to have a guy ask you out and know that someone has an interest in you.

What sex act, if any, is a taboo to you?: Anything involving piss, shit, vomit, etc. Just too gross.

Straight, gay, or bi?: Straight.

Sweetest thing that can be done for you?: Be there for me when I need you.


Favorite Girl's Name?: Kaylea.

Favorite Boy's Name?: Gabriel.

Favorite of your nicknames?: Fishie.

Favorite Song?: Mad World by Gary Jules.

Color?: Purple, red, and pink.

Era (like 60's, 70's, etc.)?: 80's!

Medicine?: What the hell kind of a question is this? I take medicine because I *have* to, not because I want to.

Comic Character?: Spawn.

Manga Character?: I don't know of any.

Holiday?: Halloween.

Solo Musician?: David Bowie and Rob Zombie.

Band?: Nine Inch Nails and The Damned.

Music Genre?: Alternative, Goth, and Metal.

Animal?: Lynx, Penguin, Snake, Dragon, Fish, Turtle...

Pet?: Cat, preferably an Abyssinian.

Fantasy?: Let's just say I like all sorts of role playing and leave it at that.

Kind of sex?: Rough, hard, and doggie style. Good lord I can't believe I just answered that for the world to see.

Bodypart of the opposite sex?: Eyes.

Food?: Fondue.

Quote?: "Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world, a mother's love is not." -- James Joyce

Belief?: If you clap your hands loud enough, Tinkerbell will live.

Kind of movie?: Horror.

Emotion?: Love.

Relative?: It would be a tie between Rob, Gabriel, and my Mom.

Action Movie?: Charade.

School Movie?: Class of Nuke 'Em High.

Martial Arts Movie?: Hero.

Comedy?: The Wedding Singer.

Drama?: The Phantom of the Opera.

Animated Movie?: The Last Unicorn.

Anime?: Vampire Hunter D.

Horror?: Queen of the Damned.

'Teen' Movie?: The Lost Boys.

Romance?: City of Angels.

Yes or No

Are you honest?: Yes.

Are you single?: No.

Are you happy?: Yes.

Do you have a crush?: Yes.

Do you love anyone?: Yes.

Are you 'in love'?: Yes.

You ever think about skydiving?: Yes.

Scuba diving?: Yes.

Bunjee Jumping?: No.

Have you ever done any of them?: No.

Been to a foreign country?: No.

Live more than 3 places?: Yes.

More than 6?: Yes.

12?: Yes.

If so, military?: No.

Do you like philosophy?: Yes.

Have you or will you lie anywhere on this?: No.

Do you think you're attractive?: No.

Were you teased in Elementary School?: Yes.

High School?: No.

Do you drink?: Yes.

Do you smoke (cigarettes)?: No.

Did you dream last night?: No.

Do you have secrets from your parents?: Yes.

Are you a good kisser?: Yes.

Have you been in more than 5 relationships?: No.

Do you want to be loved?: Yes.

Are you loved?: Yes.

By family?: Yes.

By friends?: Yes.

By others?: Yes.

Do you trust easily?: No.

Do you lose trust easily?: Yes.

Do you want to be alone?: No.

Do you miss grade school?: No.

Were you a bully?: No.

Were you an outcast?: Yes.

Were you part of the 'In' crowd?: Yes.

Did you play sports?: No.

Do you now?: No.

Do you diet?: No.

Do you exercise?: Yes.

Do you suck (figuratively, ya sicko lol)?: No.

Are you a player?: No.

Are you the jealous type?: Yes.

The Past

What's your oldest memory?: Staring at a lamp and then throwing up.

What kind of child were you?: A loner who liked to stay inside.

What was your first pet?: An orange cat named PC, it stood for Pussy Cat. He was also called Big Cat.

What was your first school?: I went to pre-school at Latin School.

Who was your first teacher?: I have no idea.

Did your parents (either of them) have a reglar nickname for you?: Usually Jen or Jay.

What teacher had the greatest impact?: William Henslee.

What did you/do you hate about your youth?: I didn't like getting teased and picked on when I was younger.

Where were you born?: Chicago.

What was your first kiss like?: I don't remember it. Probably blocked it out since it was with an asshole.

What did you do when you were little that you'd prefer not known?: If I don't want something known, why would I post it here?

Choices Choices

Photography or Painting?: Painting.

Singing or Dancing?: Dancing.

Beer or Wine?: Wine.

Soda or Juice?: Soda.

Meat or Veggies?: Meat.


Tape or CD?: CD.

Summer or Winter?: Winter.

Spring or Fall?: Fall.

Life or Death?: Life.

Madness or Sanity?: Sanity.

Company or Lonliness?: Company.

Up or Down?: Down.

Playing or Watching?: Watching.

Give or Recieve?: Give.

Work or Spoil?: Spoil.

Love or Hate?: Love.

Love or Lust: Love.

Short or Long Essay
What do you want?: Right now I'd like for the poker game I'm in to go on break so I can get a drink and pee.

In a partner?: Rob.

In a relationship?: Exactly what I have now.

From life?: To be happy, remembered, and make a difference.

What's your worst memory?: It's not something I'm going to share on here.

What's your best memory?: It's a tie between spending time with my Grandpa, the way I felt when Rob and I first kissed, and holding Gabriel in my arms when I was actually semi-lucid in the hospital bed.

If your diety had something to say about your life, what do you think it would be?: I have no idea. This is a bizarre question. How the hell am I supposed to know what a diety would think?

If you could change anything in your past, what would it be?: I'd have chosen to get another undergrad degree and then gone on to either vet school or med school instead of heading to law school.

If you could have ANY power, what would it be?: The ability to speak with animals.

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