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Sippy Cup Run
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Last night the rash on Gabriel got really bad. It went from a whole bunch of spots to huge red blotches. It doesn't seem to bother him and he's not trying to itch it, but it pains me to see my baby like this. If he's still covered in rashes on Tuesday morning we may end up calling the pediatrician just to make sure everything is all right.

This morning Gabriel was still covered head to toe in the rash, but it seems to have lightened up a little bit. What was flaming red last night is now pink today. Hopefully that means it's getting better.

Today we found out that while Gabriel doesn't like his regular sippy cup for anything other than dumping stuff out all over everything, he does seem to like (and use) the Nuby one we got him that has a straw. He actually drank an entire cup of juice and he's never done that before. So, we headed to Babies R Us for a few more of that style and picked up a pack to bring to my Mom's house as well. After Babies R Us we grabbed dinner at a barbecue restaurant and headed home to catch the tail end of The Amazing Race and to watch The Apprentice.


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