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Lazy Sunday
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Today was one of those nice lazy around the house days. I love those.

Rob let me sleep in today because I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. The temperature and nausea have left (hooray), but the bathroom runs are still there (boo), and my neck is slowly but surely mending itself.

Right when I was about to get up for the day Gabriel and Rob came into the bedroom to play fort. I joined in and before we knew it the whole family (cat included) was sleeping in our bed. We didn't actually even get up and get ready for the day until around 5pm.

Once we did get up and ready we ordered in Chinese food, chilled out, gamed, and watched a whole lot of TV. Well, a whole lot of TV for us (three hours). Those shows being The Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model (we missed the Wednesday night airing when we were at my Mom's house), and The Apprentice.

Those little Starbucks strawberry creme drinks in the glass bottles are really good and really addictive.

Tomorrow we need to get some errands done. Now it's time for Neopets and poker.


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