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Hair Problems
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Pissed Off

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So... today sucked. I had a 1:30 appointment at The New Urban salon with Julie to get my hair color touched up. She's the girl I saw last time and loved. Well, I went in and they told me she wasn't there anymore. Apparently she just up and left with no notice. They think she moved to Madison. The girl I was talking to said that a girl who worked with Julie could do my hair instead... a trainee! Oh, hell no! Then she said she could do it, but Julie didn't leave the formula. *sigh* So Rob called Gebhart (my old salon in California) to see if they could give us the formula. They did. Then, as I was talking to the girl about what I wanted done, she kept getting things wrong and asking me questions she should have known! She didn't know that the conditioning treatment was done when the hair was wet (after washing out the root bleach) and thought she'd just put it on dry hair while bleaching up the roots (um hello, how would you get it over all the hair including the roots if there's bleach there). Then she was confused about the overlay and wanted to also do highlights (highlight what, I'm super light blonde). She also seemed confused about the difference between an overlay and highlights. Wow. She didn't seem to know what the hell she was doing. I was also scared when she thought she was super experienced because she's had three years experience. No. I don't think so. I might need my roots done and a color touch up, but there was no way I was getting it done with her.

So we headed back home and Rob gave a call to John Y. He's the person Dennis had us get in touch with originally about finding a good colorist in our new area. He told John the situation and John said he'd get back to us probably on Monday with some names and salons. If I don't hear back from him soonish I might just do the salon out by my Mom's place and then keep trying to find a good one around here.

Needless to say, this has really put a damper on the day. Oh, and the salon didn't even bother to call us to let us know that Julie was no longer there! The girl claimed they didn't have our correct phone number, but the last time I went in they had it and used it to call to confirm my appointment. They really don't seem to have their shit together there now that Julie is gone.

So, since out plans for the day have been ruined we're currently just hanging around the house. We'll head out on errands in a little bit (I need a few things at the drug store and Gabriel needs more whole milk from the grocery store) and then pick something up to bring home for dinner.


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