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I knew today would be one of THOSE days. When two things had already gone wrong by 1am it gave me a pretty good hint.

I called my credit card company this morning and apparently as of now two charges are pending. I called the company where I placed my order and it's showing that the card was denied and no orders are being processed. I've been told by both my credit card company and the company I placed my order with that I need to wait until Monday when the charges have gone through and are no longer just pending before anyone can do anything to help me. Gah.

Right before bed last night I began having some problems. A rash started appearing all over my body, I was itchy head to toe, and my right eye hurt like hell and was starting to swell. I took my cheap temporary wrist brace off and noticed that there were nasty looking welts all over my wrist. Oh no. I looked at the box the wrist brace came in and noticed that there was latex used in the brace. Fuck. Well, that explains my rash and all over itchies. Dammit. How could I have forgotten to read the damn box before using the brace???

Today the rash is better. The welts on my wrist are gone and my rash is starting to fade. I still itch head to toe, but it's not nearly as bad as it was last night. My right eye is still fucked up. The lower area is all swollen and hurts to the touch. Not only did I take my prescription allergy pill last night (like every night) but I also took a Benedryl this morning. It's helping with the rash and itchies, but not my eye. I think I might have rubbed my eye or something or the brace might have touched it and set off a bad reaction.

I'm not going out today. We were going to change our numbers and get new cell phones at Cingular and make a run to the bank, but that can wait a day. I don't want to go out because I feel like shit, itch all over, and my eye is all messed up. Also, when it's one of THOSE days staying in the house is usually the best choice. So, I'm in for the day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


Your Inner Retro Girl Is
1960s City Girl

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