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Errand Runs Before Our Mini Vacay
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We're heading to my Mom's place tomorrow. Tomorrow might be Easter, but it's also Rob's birthday. Being at her house will give us a chance to be able to head out and see a movie on Monday (we're thinking Grindhouse if it's playing in her area). The last movie we saw in the theatre was Final Destination 3. And that was just two days before I went into labor.

So, today we got some last minute errands done before we head to her house. We went to the bank to get some cash out. We stopped by the grocery store and I waited in the car with Gabriel while Rob ran in to get an onion, some hot dog buns, and some beer (we'll be bringing home bratwurst again when we come back and wanted to have everything set for dinner that night - the beer and onion is to boil them in). We made a drug store run and Rob waited in the car with Gabriel while I ran in to pick up my prescriptions and a few other items. We stopped by Kopps because we both wanted to try different flavors of the day today. He got the "drunken bunny" and I got pomegranite (a flavor I've been wanting to try for the past 2 months, but they only seem to have it one day a month). My favorite is still the rum and coke one. We grabbed dinner at Chipotle and brought it back to the house to eat.

We played with Gabriel and did a little bit of gaming while he watched some Elmo. I took a bath and then Gabriel joined me in the tub for his bath.

I don't know if I'll be posting from my Mom's house or not. If not I'll update everything when I get back home. She has a computer, she has internet access (though it's dial up), but I don't know if I'm going to want to deal with computer stuff when I'm there. Sometimes I just like to relax and not care about journaling or e-mail. Sometimes I do feel the need to log on. It just depends on my mood. But if I am off of here for a few days (we'll be back on Wednesday) you now know why.


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