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No More Roots!
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Finally I was able to get my hair done! My roots were getting scary and I could tell what my natural color is. *meeps* For the record, it's a medium to dark ash blonde... the kind that's often called "dirty blonde". Hence why I don't ever have it my natural color.

John Y got back to us a few weeks ago and mentioned a good place to go would be Carenza (close by us in Brookfield - actually in the same mall we keep going to for Chipotle). Rob got a hair cut appointment for today and I got a color appointment. Rob went first and my color appointment started when he was getting his hair cut. He watched the baby during that time because it's easier to watch while getting cut that bleached. No bleached baby. I had my appointment with Erik who was recommended to me as being a great colorist for blondes. I gave him my formula and it was no problem. He knew exactly what he was doing and I'll definitely be going back there again. I absolutely love the shampoo area. It's calm, relaxing, has massage chairs, and they even give you a head rub. Sooooo nice. I kept with the same color (light buttery blonde) and got a trim. I'm tempted to just get it cut chin length again at some point seeing as how it just won't grow no matter what I do. Meh. We'll see. I'm also tempted to get some low lights put into the light blonde next time for a bit more depth. I have some time to think about it though.

After our hair appointments we made a run to the mall. I forgot my rule about only wearing t-shirts to the mall and absolutely sweltered in a sweater. I don't know why, but I'm always super uncomfortably hot in malls. I made a run into Lane Bryant to get a pair of pants to match the sleepshirt I ordered online. I also went into Gymboree to grab Gabriel a few one piece outfits to keep in the diaper bag in case of an emergency change in the 18-24 month size. Rob got Gabriel a stuffed moose. We got some more of those super yummy milk drinks (I got mine with butter rum syrup again and this time Rob got his with vanilla) and had lunch/dinner there. Pretzel dogs and tacos. Gabriel still really likes pretxel dogs and he also likes cinammon twists (as we found out when he grabbed one off the tray and began to munch on it).

After the mall we made a quick run to the grocery store. Rob ran in to get some milk while I waited in the car with Gabriel. We then headed home.

Even though I just had my hair done, I showered right when I got home. I was so sweaty from the mall that I really needed it. Rob also showered. We chilled out around the house and gamed tonight. I'm loving this game.


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