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Chillin' With The Poopchuck
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This morning Rob met with someone from the head hunting group who he was in contact with about this new job prospect. He met with the guy at 9am at a Starbucks near out house and was back home around 10am. I didn't sleep well at all last night so I got a small nap in when he was home.

Around 2pm he headed out again, this time for the job interview. The interview is scheduled to run from 3pm until at least 5pm. I'd guess that he'd be home between 6pm and 7pm, but it depends on how long they keep him.

So, it's just the Poopchuck and me around the house today. It's really hard to pick him up and do things like diaper changes when my right wrist is having a problem and my left shoulder and neck are also hurting. I can do it, but it's extremely painful to pick him up and my wrist just doesn't seem to have any support left to it anymore. Luckily, I'm seeing a doctor on Tuesday.

Poopchuck (who now has the talent of pooping out whole fruit chunks) is napping and so I'm getting a few things done on here. Not sure what we're doing tonight. Probably playing with the Poopchuck and giving him a bath. Maybe try to get to bed early, if the little dude allows us to.


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