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Many Store Runs
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Last week it got into the 90's. Today it was in the low 30's and snowing. This place really knows the saying "if you don't like the weather wait five minutes and it will change".

This morning Rob got quite a surprise when he went out to get the mail. Our mailboxes (all of the ones for this building are in a little hutch) were tipped over. No mail was in them. We called our manager and she already knew. It was found in the middle of the road this morning. Hopefully it will be fixed soon because no mail will be delivered until it's back up.

Today we had a lot of things to do. We made a run to the bank. Went to the Post Office to mail out my bar application. Went to the building next to the Post Office to pick up our mail for the day since it couldn't be delivered. Went to the drugstore for a few items. Went to USA Baby to get a plastic gummi strip to put on Gabriel's bed. He's part termite and is chewing through what will some day be his foot board, so we thought we'd get something to cover it with while he likes to bite on anything that can't outrun him. We went to a pet food store because I've decided to get Sydney organic / all natural pet food. No more Wellness because they outsource to Menu foods (the company with the tainted foods) and while they're not on any recall list, I don't want to buy from a company that would have Menu foods produce their products. Now we're trying California Naturals, Innova Senior, and Evo (all by Natura) and we'll see which one Syd likes best.

We also made a brief stop at the mall for some pretzel dogs (even Gabriel likes them) and some milk drinks that have flavor shots in them (the butter rum one is amazing). Rob even picked up two bottles of flavor shots (irish cream for him and butter rum for me) so that we can make flavored milk at home. Yum.

Tonight we watched America's Next Top Model and the Idol results show. My last remaining favorite (Gina) was voted off tonight. *grumbles* I finally found out (through friends and web sites) why Sanjaya is still on the show. And now that I know what a scam that whole show is, both Rob and I have decided to vote for Sanjaya. All the people I was rooting for are gone. And with the amount of votes Sanjaya is getting (from 10 year old girls, and people doing the "vote for the worst" joke, and radio stations and people endorsing the "vote for Sanjaya" joke, and the disgruntled Idol fans who have realized what a sham the whole show is) if Sanjaya doesn't end up winning the show it will be proof the whole things is rigged. So yeah, I'm voting for Sanjaya now because while he sucks, at least he's fun (in a horrifying sort of way) to watch.

We also gamed tonight and it was a super cool game. A lot of things took me by surprise (in a very good way) and all in all it absolutely rocked. I'm having a blast with this character.


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