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Baby Shopping Spree
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Last night was horrible. The thunderstorm started freaking me out which led to a panic attack which led to my heart beating a lot faster than it should which led to palpitations which led to a whole lot of not sleeping. Ugh.

Today was pretty good though. We headed out to the mall and spent some time there. The reason I wanted to go was to pick up a new sleep shirt. Lane Bryant had what I was looking for, but they didn't have it in stock in my size. I did manage to pick up 9 shirts, four pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts, and two pajama sets though... all for Gabriel. And a birthday card for my hubby. Scary, isn't it? I went to the mall to pick something up for myself and came away with a ton of stuff for Gabriel. Not one thing was bought for me.

We did a lot of walking and grabbed some drinks and pretzel wrapped hot dogs for lunch. We found out that Gabriel can drink from an adult cup if it has a straw in it (don't worry, the cup had milk in it - that's what I was drinking) and that he likes pretzel dogs. Loves the pretzel part and the hot dog part. Auntie Anne's has pretzel dogs which contain Nathan's hot dogs. So, not only was his first hot dog a Nathan's dog, but he also dug it. Kid's got good taste.

After the mall we headed back home and Rob's currently cooking up dinner while Gabriel is watching one of his Elmo DVDs. We might have Idol on in the background. Mostly to see Sanjaya make an ass out of himself again.


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